We're Live - Our Story.

We're Live - Our Story.


After nearly two years of hard work we are live! First we want to start with thanking people along the way that helped us get to where we are and a few in particular that deserve an extra call out.

Izzy. OMOS is not what it is with out Izzy, hands down. She's been so integral in every step of the process for us to be live. She started as our product designer and then she's been side by side with every day. She manages our social, she designed our packaging, she has helped with the website, helps with our campaigns and video shoots. Thank you so so much Izzy.

Brian. I'll keep it short. We couldn't have done this with out your belief. Thank you brother.

Tim. Owner of Trackmeet Studios. He's an incredible designer but an even better friend. Tim help establish our identity and branding. He's at the core of what this business became and we can't thank him enough

Kelsey. Former CEO of Dorai Home Kelsey built Dorai from the ground up. She's been a wealth of knowledge for OMOS from helping with our UX to helping with template builds and so much more. Unfortunately for Kelsey she's stuck with us.

The Klugonyx Team. Josh, Izzy, Aaron, Ed, Jason, Luke, Callie, Liz and Rachel have helped manage the whole design, engineering, and manufacturing of this tool. It's been an honor to work with you all and feel like part of the team.

Others. Savannah, Joel, The Redhawk Studio team, Stephanie, Nick, Trevor, Jason, and Our Families. I know we're missing more but thank you all for your support, ideas, viewpoints, expertise. We're just getting started and as long if we haven't annoyed you all yet I look forward to more random DMs or phone calls for last minute opinions.

Finally, my wife Allysa. For being so flexible and supportive when we decided to start this when you were pregnant with our son. I'll do my best to find a way to thank you properly.

So for this first blog I felt it important to talk about how we got here. The concept of this company really started more than 3 years ago. Jason and I we're golfing together and we started talking about creating a new divot tool. At that time we thought it should be more ergonomic and Jason got to working on a tool in a 3d printer that looked like this:

We needed a little bit of work. Then about a year later the stars aligned and we got off the ground. Kickstarted by Jason and Kelsey's wedding in Hawaii (I know, working Maui during wedding week...) we started the design process for the tool. For the next year and a half we poured over every detail. Weight, shape, metals, coatings, accessories, etc. Anything you can think of. But now we're here. We have a product that we can't wait for you to enjoy.

If you buy before June 30th you can get 20% off using our discount code OMOSLAUNCH20 upon checkout.

I left out one group that I need to thank. That's all of you who have engaged and interacted with the brand so far. Thanks for being along for the ride, we're just getting started.



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